Contemporary and Dynamic Leenderse Residence by Black Shack Architects

There are many aspects that seem important about a house. The comfort, space, facilities are just some elements that need to be taken into consideration. Perhaps there are few people who think of the views that can be offered by its location. These remarkable views can become a source of relaxation, inspiration and can add a certain charm to that building. Take for example the mountain houses or the beach front buildings. Sometimes the breathtaking landscapes and views can compensate more than other advantages offered by that house.

Leendertse Residence is a contemporary building designed by Black Shack Architects. It is situated on a small plateau, in Mesa, Colorado, USA. The modern construction was adapted to the surrounding landscape and became an excellent residence for an older couple of Dutch origin. Its exterior has a dynamic shape and the house consists of two levels: the ground level and the upper level.

The interiors of Leendertse Residence are spacious, warm and colorful. The pieces of furniture are vivid colored although the natural wood seems to dominate many items. The white walls, the numerous windows increase the amount of light and create a warm and comfortable house. Everything is modern and the long corridors or the interior stairs seem to take you to discover some special places. The dynamism of the exterior seems to reflect inside through the modern interior design. Outside there are many terraces where you can sit, relax and admire the great views of Bookcliff Mountains and The Grand Mesa.{found on architezer}.

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