Contemporary Abu Samra House in Amman, Jordan

This is the Abu Samra House, a very beautiful and architectural residence located in Amman, Jordan. The house was a project developed by Symbiosis Designs for Mr. Ma’rouf Abu Samra. The total project area is 1,300 square meters. The construction of the house was completed in 2008.

Abu Samra is an impressive residence both by its size and its design. The choice of materials and colors is also interesting. The residence stands out mostly because it doesn’t feature a stone structure like all the buildings in Amman. Instead, the architects used earth-toned plastered elements that fit perfectly in the dry landscape and the unforgivable sun. even though plaster finishes are common in Jordan, they are mostly used as a cheap alternative to stone. Since the project had a small budget, it was a nice solution in this case.

The building is also impressive by its shape. The residence basically consists of two sets of cubic masses that are linked by a gallery. The result is a simple, geometrical shape that looks both modern and unique. The house also features simple rectangular windows. The interior is equally beautiful and features similar color tones. It’s a minimalist residence, with a very simple interior design, white walls throughout, modern furniture and some accent pieces here and there. The property also includes a large outdoor pool.{found on contemporist}.

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