Contemporary AA house by Parque Humano

This beautiful, simple and elegant house is located in Mexico City, Mexico and it was a project developed by Mexico City-based design studio Parque Humano in 2011. It’s a modern creation, with a contemporary and minimalist design. The main idea was to create a sort of retreat from where the owners could observe and enjoy nature without bothering or being bothered.

Casa AA sits 2,240 meters above sea level and it’s a very welcoming and open structure. The house features a living, dinning, kitchen and multipurpose room, three bedrooms, gazebo and a swimming pool. As you can see, there’s a very nice balance between open and private areas. The house has been designed and built around an open landscape and it’s like a pavilion perfect from being in close proximity to nature. In order to enhance this function, the design includes several floor-to-ceiling walls and windows that allows natural light to get inside and that also provide beautiful views.

Among the basic materials used when building this magnificent house, the bricks played a very important role. The bricks are great insulator, especially during summer when the heat can be very disturbing. The interior of the house is almost entirely wrapped in wood, thus creating a very relaxing, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The furniture has also been chosen in matching colors, like beige and brown.

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