Contemporary 2-story residence in Brisbane, Australia

This imposing residence is located in Brisbane, Australia and has a very interesting design, somewhere between classic and modern. The house is a two-story building and it was designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects. The clients wanted to be able to admire and enjoy the outdoor spaces and to also make them a part of the interior.

The architects managed to make those wishes come true by opening up the interior towards the outdoor areas. Both levels benefit from great indoor-outdoor connections, whether it’s through floor-to-ceiling glass walls or transitional spaces. The living and dining room area is somewhere at the limit between inside and out. It’s a modern approach and the result is a nice mix. Since it was impossible to use the same strategy for the upper level, the architects managed to adopt another approach for this space.

The second level contains a Park Room. It’s a space that combined indoor and outdoor and also takes advantage of the proximity of the house to the central park. It has a wooden-clad inclined roof and the atmosphere inside is very airy and holiday-like. The rest of the interior spaces are decorated with warm colors, lots of wood elements and classic accents. The property also has a large pool outside. Living here is like having a vacation every day. It’s very relaxing and the internal structure of the house also makes it perfect for entertaining as well.

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