Concrete Single House in Spain

After a modular house, now I want to show you a house made entirely from concrete.With the area of 240 m2 the Single House from Villamontes, Spain is an exercise agreement between a land with a gentle topography and a living space. It may seem unusual and boring to build a house only using concrete, without other materials, but think for a moment that the geographic positioning of the place is ideal for this kind of material. First of all it’s warm and wet there most of the time, so wood is out of discussion as it gets moist and then degrades. Any way, with a bit of imagination and a touch of personality, using the right decorations and paint you can turn this house into your own private heaven. Of course the house has large windows and a futuristic furniture that goes perfectly with the minimalist style of the building. The concrete ramp on the side of the house allows easy access on the flat roof and this can be fun. The huge space in between the rooms is supported by huge poles and it is used for different purposes, as you see fit.{noname 29}


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