Concrete facade residence with big windows for natural light

It is a privilege having a house in a residential zone, especially in a village because you can take advantage of the beautiful natural views without being disturbed by all the buildings that usually surround a house placed in a city. In Cholul, Yucatan, Mexico, the FI House is a construction measuring 380 square meters.

It was designed by Punto Arquitectónico, Alejandra Molina Gual, Mauricio Rosales Aznar and Israel Ramírez Segura in collaboration with Architect Manuel Ferrer López. Being situated on a flat terrain near the city of Mérida, the dwelling is designed to take advantage of the natural sunlight, wind and fresh air and having the opportunity to maximize the external view. The property’s land area is bordered by a concrete fence that also provides privacy to the owners of this amazing house.

The garden is covered only with a perfectly green lawn that gives color to the entire property, but I really hope that in the future will appear some trees and shrubs and also some lounge chairs to make the whole piece of land more “alive”.  The house is developed around the swimming pool which is considered the “heart” of the entire project; all the spaces are placed around it, perfectly linked through big windows with unusual angles, heavy concrete beams and a free bridge that connects the master bedroom with the kid’s room, giving the sensation of closeness.

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Technically speaking, the structural elements made of white walls of concrete blocks with concrete and metal beams are covered with local stone that contrast with the lightness of the windows and soft finishes of the white walls from the interior.{found on archdaily and pics by Tamara Uribe}.



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