Concrete dream house

Each of us has a different thing in mind when thinking about his or her dream home. For the owner of this house, that thing was a wave.The Wave House is a private summer retreat and it was a project by Turkish designer Gunes Peksen. As the name and the actual shape of the house suggest, this structure was based on a very concrete concept: the wave. As imagined, recreating the shape and the impact that an actual wave has by using materials such as concrete and glass is not easy.

The architect managed to come up with an abstract form for the house. It’s a very contemporary approach to the traditional summer house and the result is both impressive and inspiring. The house features a conceptual design and it has an entirely white structure. The monochromatic and neutral choice suits it very well and is nowhere close to monotony or plainness. The house was meant to imitate ripples of water. It’s an angular structure with an abstract shape, an approach that has also been continued inside the house.

The wave-like white structure serves as a frame for a glass volume. The interior of the summer house is entirely surrounded by glass walls on two sides. This leaves it almost completely exposed but it also serves as a means of bringing light inside the house and of allowing panoramic and unobstructed views from any angle. To make the image complete, the Wave House also includes an internal pool. This continues the aquatic theme and allows the users to actually feel the water when coming down the stairs. Inside, the interior décor is completely white and the furniture is minimalist and shares the same angular approach as the house itself. Two matching sofas in different colors are sitting face to face with a minimalist floor lamp near them and with views of the sea just a few meters away.

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