Concrete Architectural Associates And The New Library In Almere, The Netherlands

What is so special about the library in Almere in Netherlands? The building has been designed by concrete Architectural associates and the building has multiple floors.  What is more exciting is the fact that the books are arranged not according to the numbers, but according to the shops. You would notice various spaces allotted to various categories, such as a different space for health, or youth, and even travel. The library is absolutely new, which makes the structure more beautiful. The shopper could choose to go through various floors and find the books according to his needs.

I’m not a big reader, but occasionally I enjoy spending some time in the library, looking around and sometimes I find interesting books that I buy for me or for friends and family members that enjoy reading. One reason why I do that is because I really like the library. It looks similar to this one. The library presented here is from Netherlands and it’s a big building with multiple floors.

What’s special about this library is that it has a very simple and pleasant design. It allows you to feel comfortable and it gives you plenty of space to not feel crowded by other people. I like big libraries. They always seem so warm and welcoming. It’s a big place filled with all sorts of books. There are also places where you can seat and relax or consult a book before buying it. It’s a very beautiful structure.

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