Conch shell house

There’s no room for ordinary in the world of art and in tourism. And when these two fields are combined, the result must be spectacular or else nobody would be interested in it. That is why the most exotic and unusual places on Earth and the most impressive hotels are the ones with the biggest flow of tourists. I found this unusual and incredible house that can also be rented by tourists that offers all these features: it has an unusual look, an incredible location – on the Isla Mujeres , Mexico, in the Carribean and all the facilities that guarantee a comfortable and pleasant stay.

People call it the “conch shell house” after the shape which was inspired by and looks exactly like a conch shell. It was designed and built by the architect Octavio Ocampo and is completely white. The architect respected all the details of a conch shell, including the spikes and when you see it you immediately want to see the interior because the human mind cannot imagine what it’s like to live in a shell that twists around its own core.

The inside of the house keeps the same conch shell theme and has all kinds of marine decorations : a wash basin in the form of a shell, faucets made of coral and coat racks made of real small conch shells and shell-like lamps and beds and … everything. The front room is the biggest and totally round and the stairs are winding and taking you to the other floors.

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