Complete Reconfiguration Of A 1950s Home In Montreal

Located in Montreal, Canada, this residence was recently renovated by Naturehumaine. It was, in fact, more than just a renovation. It was a complete reconfiguration of the house. The structure also got an extension. All these changes were made in order to respond to the needs of a growing family and to make the house a comfortable and contemporary living space for everyone.

The 1950s concrete house has also been modernized. It now features a minimalist and contemporary look. The original house already had a modern flair so making the transition was easier than in other cases.

One of the challenges of the project was to make the contemporary extension match and harmonize with the existing house. The extension was beautifully placed in an area where it completes the house and fills the void created by the split level.

The layout is simple and practical. The living spaces are situated on the ground floor and they are distributed around the central space. This central core is the new focal point of the house.

With the renovation also came a new master bedroom which is now located on the second floor and at a comfortable distance from the children’s bedrooms. It can be accessed via a glass catwalk. The house features large windows throughout, consistent with the contemporary style chosen for the new design and décor.

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