Compact Summer Home Hidden In The Argentinian Forest

Summer homes are usually located in areas that allow them to communicate with nature and their surroundings. The H3 House is quite common from this point of view. It was built here by Luciano Kruk, an architect who founded his own studio in 2012. This lovely project was completed in 2015.

H3 House overall design and placement

The house was built for three sisters and their families and is meant to serve as a shared vacation retreat. It occupies a 75 square meter area on a plot that measures 210 square meters. The modest dimensions of the site are also represented in the overall design of the house.

H3 House concrete structure

H3 House deck and trees

In an area where the terrain is defined by sand dunes and old pine trees, the tranquil and peaceful ambiance is simply perfect for a modest vacation retreat like this one. Moreover, this corner plot makes the most of the site’s dimensions and surroundings.

H3 House surroundings

H3 House deck and large windows

The brief of the project focused a lot of a clear division of the interior spaces. The social and private zones were clearly separated and positioned on different floors. The ground floor houses the living room, dining area and kitchen.

H3 House overall design and architecture

H3 House deck and house at night

H3 House seen in the evening light

There three spaces are interconnected and communicate with each other freely. The lack of dividing walls establishes an open and relaxed ambiance, allowing the entire floor plan to look and feel more spacious. A staircase here offers access to the upper level where the private spaces can be found.

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H3 House deck and terrace

H3 House floor to ceiling windows

A wooden deck can be accessed from the social zone. It has two trees growing tough it, a feature that shows the close relationship between the house and its surroundings and the natural and seamless transition between the interior and exterior areas.

H3 House ground floor social area

H3 House ground floor seating

In addition to all these elements, the ground floor also has floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors which further enhance the close connection between the internal social spaces and the wooden deck and the views beyond.

H3 House ground floor stove

H3 House kitchen counter

Inside the house the design and décor are simple. Polished concrete floors and wood-clad walls and ceilings establish a nice balance of cold and warm tones and textures. A wood-burning stove creates a cozy ambiance in the seating area which is pretty interesting since it doesn’t have a sofa. Instead, it has stylish butterfly chairs and a casual wooden bench.

H3 House ground floor kitchen and living space

H3 House staircase to bedrooms

The upper level is occupied by the private spaces. It has two bedrooms in total. One is the master bedroom and the other is a smaller room with a cabin-like feel. They both share a single bathroom.

H3 House bedroom terrace view

The master bedroom opens up onto a terrace which also extends in front of the second bedroom. This shared outdoor space serves as a roof for the deck below. Being semi-covered, the terrace can also be used as an extension for the bedroom or a a separate lounge space.

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H3 House deck and house in daylight

The entire house is a compact volume. Its design is modest but even so, for a limited-budget project, it’s a pretty amazing summer retreat, ideal for spending some quiet time with the family and friends. Despite the limited and raw selection of materials and finishes, the interior is really cozy and inviting.



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