Compact House Concept Designed To Serve As An Extension

Designed by Passion Group in collaboration with Architect 11, this small structures is the prototype for a prefabricated house, part of a larger series of designs. Although it’s actually the smallest of the bunch, the structure still offers 40 square meters of living space.

There are actually two different versions for this house, one with a large sauna and one with a main bedroom instead. Because of the flexibility of the overall design, the structure can fulfill a variety of functions, such as a garden sauna, a guesthouse, a summer cottage or an independent development.

It comes fully-equipped, including the concrete foundation attached and the interior comes with all the furniture and appliances already installed.

The interior walls are made of cross-laminated timber panels and the living area also features huge sliding glass doors which open it to the beautiful outdoors and connects it to the patio, thus maximizing the square footage.

Since the space is limited, modular and multifunctional furniture was used for the interior. The sofa, for example, pulls out into a bed and can become a guest room. Pull down the shades for some privacy and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

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Storage is built-in everywhere you look, including above the sofa. The way the kitchen is integrated here is also very nice. The continuous décor and the simplicity of the color palette make this a very comfortable space.

Another great feature which helps save space is the Murphy bed. Fold it down whenever needed and the rest of the time it remains hidden, with a bench taking its place.

The bathroom is also cleverly designed. The washing machine is nicely hidden behind those sliding panels and the large mirror makes the space feel bigger.

By designing this structure as a prefabricated house, the intention was to minimize the time and work on the plot. In fact, in just two days the house is ready to be used. It was also designed to be energy-efficient and it has solar heating and great natural ventilation.



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