Compact Atenas 038 House in Brazil

Atenas 038 is an impressive home with a compact but impressive design. The house is located in Goiânia, the capital and also the largest city of Goiás, in Brazil. The construction of the residence was completed in 2007. Atenas 038 is a large building that covers an area of 4,850 square feet. It was a project developed by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura.

The façade of the house is partially covered with glass but, even so, it’s not transparent. The owners can benefit from total privacy if they need to but they can also allow natural light to enter the whole house thus creating a very bright and casual atmosphere. Atenas 038 is a contemporary residence, an aspect that is visible both inside and out. It’s a rectangular structure with a large entrance and contrasting volumes. One part of the house seems to have very large window that allow panoramic views of the surrounding area, while other have very small windows, just enough to let some light in.

The property seems quite rigid at first but the atmosphere gets more and more casual as you advance. To the back of the house there’s a large swimming pool with relaxing outdoor lounge areas and some fresh vegetation for contrast. This is a typical urban structure. The interior of the residence is elegant and simple. It’s actually an image very similar to that created by the exterior façade. The living and dining area has a wooden ceiling that adds texture and warmth to the space while the furniture is simple, modern and elegant.

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