Commercial Complex Design by JUNGLIM Architecture

La-Cubo was designed by JUNGLIM Architecture and is located in Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, in Republic of Korea. It is actually “a cube” and if this does not say enough, it is the only commercial facility on the Lake Park site, at the center of the complex. It is called “la -cubo” probably because of the strange but interesting shape of the building, which attracts a large number of visitors, curious to see what this form actually represents.

The building faces a water park, aspect appreciated especially by children and it has the best conditions in the complex, aspect appreciated by adults. The existing indoor and outdoor spaces attract a large number of people to maximum. The zigzag shape itself offers different views ; this is also a plus in the conditions of a place which offers various opportunities for the facility users that get here.

Although it seems to occupy a wide space, it is actually small in scale, but it provides a wide range of facilities and this makes it even more appealing. Thanks to the central location in the complex, it is considered a kind of unique “cultural icon” and this attracts a large number of people who are willing to see new things, to discover the facilities it promises to reveal. You definitely have to see “the Cube”!

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