Comfortable Floating House by Michael Meredith

Imagine yourself far away from the noisy surroundings where you live, the problems of a hard working day and the boring routine of your daily life. You are floating by a boat, watching the beautiful sunset of a summer day; enjoying the nice atmosphere with your friends and discovering the beauties that nature offer you.

It seems to look like a holiday for you but what do you think of the fact that you can enjoy all these nice things every day of your life, on a floating house?Definitely, it will look like an endless holiday. This is the atmosphere created by the Floating House designed by Michael Meredith of Toronto based MOS.

It has a main cottage with an integrated boathouse and dock and has many separate cottages that can accommodate your guests.

The exterior, made of timber looks untouched and it creates the idea of old times. The interior and most of its parts are made of wood, a material that underlines strength and high quality.


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