Comfortable Engawa House by Sullivan Conard Architects

The peoples, all around the world have always had their own unique architectural style which usually impresses everybody and become recognized or famous for it. For example, an Arabic mosque has a different architectural style from a Japanese house or a Russian church will look totally different from an Indian temple and the examples may go on.

Although it is in America, more exactly in Seattle, Washington, you may notice the Japanese architectural style of this comfortable Engawa House, which cannot be mistaken for anything else, designed by Sullivan Conard Architects.The building looks like a traditional Japanese house with those specific, conic roofs. In front of this house there is a beautiful lake which offers wonderful and relaxing views.

The interiors of this house are warm, welcoming and create a pleasant ambiance where you can enjoy all your desires. The yellow painting on the wall, in the living room, the brown, comfortable pieces of furniture, the presence of a wonderful fireplace and of a brown colored piano create a wonderful décor, where you can enjoy a peaceful ambiance and great relaxing moments. This comfortable, relaxing décor it is completed by the interior stairs and some other decorative elements which bring some dynamism.

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