Colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank

Located in Shimura, Japan, the colorful Sugamo Shinkin Bank looks more like a special place for children, like a kindergarten. Its exterior imitates the rainbow design with its vibrant colors. The white background which dominates the exterior and the interior too underlines these colors full of life and creates a spacious place full of light and energy.

This building was designed by Emmanuelle Moreaux Architecture + Design. In order to keep the same symmetry and the same joyful ambiance, inside the building there are used the same vibrant colors for some floral motifs that appear on the walls and ceilings and for some nice and comfortable pieces of furniture.

Although a bank is known as a very sober and official institution this type of building shows us that it may keep its official functions but they may appear in a real nice and joyful place where people will feel comfortable and relaxed.


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