Colorful Southampton residence by Ali Schwarz

This is an impressive house both in size and interior design. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a residence in the Hamptons. This is a Southampton residence located in Connecticut. It’s an imposing building with rustic and yet sophisticated façade. The interior is not bad either. Notice how spacious and airy all the rooms are. The dimensions pay an important role in this case but so does the actual interior design.

This hosue was designed by Ali Schwarz. As we’ve said before, the interior design is somewhat contrasting. This means it has an overall traditional look but each element has a modern twist. Also, the simplicity of the lines makes everything even more stylish and chic. Let’s take a look at some of the rooms. For example, the kitchen seems rather traditional. However, when you analyze the elements separately you can see they result in an eclectic mix of traditional and modern.

Notice the turquoise kitchen island that stands out with its beautiful color. The same shade along with similar colors can be seen throughout the whole house. The living room is a great example for that. It features different tones or blue and turquoise combined with shades of red and green. These are colors found in all the rooms. Also, there are hints of orange here and there that create a nice color contrast. With these colors and with the impressive dimensions, the house is a wonderful retreat for family and friends.

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