Colorful Rustic House With Traditional Romanian Motifs

What makes a house become a home? Coziness, comfort, personality, that warm feeling that comes over you once you open the door? The next one has everything we just mentioned, and one more thing: Romanian traditional elements.

Considering the fact that we live in a modern world, it must be quite difficult to maintain traditional aspects related to design or interior design. As we can see, nothing is impossible. Romania is full of surprises.This house is located somewhere around Bucharest (2 km away) and is a real challenge both for traditional Romanian style connoisseurs and especially for those who didn’t had a direct contact with Romanian villages.

As you probably remember, this is not the first traditional Romanian house we’re talking about. This house is so warm and welcoming, so we thought it would be nice of us to talk a little about it.

Among the defining elements of traditional Romanian style you will find: tiled stove (or terracotta stove), authentic Romanian rugs, cloth curtains that are homemade, wall hanging rugs, old dowry chests(these are almost 100 years old), and these are just a few of them.

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You will also notice that traditional Romanian motifs can be found almost everywhere in this rustic house:  sewn on the pillowcases, on the carpets, on the curtains, even on the bedding, or why not, painted on various ceramic vessels.

The kitchen is colorful and tastefully arranged. The mosaic wall(that seems to be made of painted bricks) is a great idea to combine all the colors that were used to design the kitchen, and also a source of inspiration.{found on visuell and adelaparvu}.



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