Colorado Mountain Home Design by Micheal P Johnson

Simple, modern and very chic – this is how we can best describe this beautiful house. It’s known as the Colorado Mountain home and it was designed by Michael P. Johnson. It has a simple and modern design, featuring a cantilevered volume and sleek columns that support it. There’s a very nice balance of open and enclosed spaces.

A box-like volume occupies part of the lower and upper levels and the rest of the building looks like it’s built around it like pieces of a puzzle. The architecture allows the house to blend in with the landscape. It almost seems like it disappears into the forest. The interior is beautiful as well. Being a mountain house, snow usually surrounds the area around it so white plays an important role in the landscape. To emphasize that and to also create a bright interior, the walls, ceilings and part of the furniture are also white.

The bathroom is almost entirely white, except for the gray floor and a few small contrasting elements. On the opposite side of the color palette is the kitchen white features dark furniture and black floor. The rest of the spaces are well-balanced, featuring a combination of bright and dark tones.

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