Coastal residence with no border between indoor and outdoor

People have always settled along coastlines because those areas offered them ideal conditions to live and thrive. In nowadays people prefer coastlines more for their entertaining potential and wonderful landscape. This is the case of this building in Lincoln City, Oregon imagined by Boora Architects. Such a place is designed to erase the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This particular building has 2,865 square foot and features a marvelous 180-degree view over the surroundings. Organized in a U-shape formation with a central courtyard, this space focuses more on privacy and tranquility. The upper floor is the largest and has the most glass surfaces to a spectacular view.  The lower level is more private and it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a so called flex room, which basically transforms the  open living space in a guest bedroom by pulling two  sliding hemlock accordion panels to form walls.

There is a second building that combines a 295 square foot office and a bathroom with a garage below connected to the main building through a 45 foot long covered walkway. The interior is charming, built mainly from wood and wood paneling. Warm natural colors delight the eye. Plenty of natural light comes in brightening every corner of the residence. This original shape of the structure was implemented to capture as much as possible the natural wonders around it.{pis by Jon Jensen and found on archdaily}.

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