Cloud no 9 Residence in Australia

This striking residence is not a new construction but the alteration of a historic building that dates back to the 1830s. The building is located in the inner city suburb of Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. It was a project created with the help of Andrew Simpson Architects, builder Camson Homes and structural engineer Meyer Consulting. The construction was completed in 2011 and the project actually involved both the alteration of the original building and the addition of a new volume.

The building was originally used as private horse stables for a nearby mansion and it consists of a double height warehouse volume and a two-storey bay loft. It has been converted to a single family residence that is now at the border between history with the heritage value of the original design and the high tech environmentally sustainable side that the client requested.

The name of the house doesn’t refer strictly to the expression “to be on cloud nine” but it rather refers to the 1896 International Cloud-Atlas in which, of the ten cloud types, cloud No. 9, cumulonimbus, was the biggest, puffiest and most comfortable-looking. If you stop and think about it, those clouds really looked comfy. And the client also wanted to prove that comfortable doesn’t always mean rustic or traditional but it can also refer to a contemporary high tech house.{found on archdaily}

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