Cliff Villa In Thailand Framed By Coconut Trees And Views Of The Sea

The views from the top of this cliff in Chantaburi, Thailand are wonderful and this makes the site a perfect spot for a house. Naturally, its design would have to take advantage of everything the location has to offer or the project would be in vain. When studio Junsekino Architect and Design was asked to asked to come up with a concept for such a house, the team made sure to make the most of everything.

This is a villa set on top of a small sloped site with direct views to the seaThe site is populated with coconut trees and the house is strategically oriented towards the sea

The villa they built here offers in total 300 square meters of living space. It was completed in 2006 and its spaces are organized on two floors, with the ground level being occupied by the social areas and the upper level being a private zone. The architects focused on maximizing the view of the sea as well as the natural light and air flow but at the same time they made sure to maintain a comfortable level of privacy and intimacy inside the house.

The views were a priority together with the openness of the house but also the privacyThe facade facing the sea is open to the views, featuring glass walls and full height windowsThe interior living spaces open onto a deck and then onto an infinity pool

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Before the house was built, the site on which it stands used to be a small cliff full of trees. The vegetation was preserved, the project having little impact on the land. You can still see the coconut trees all around the house. The design concept focused on establishing a close connection with the surroundings and especially the seascape. It’s why the infinity pool was placed parallel to the seashore.

The social areas are gathered on the ground floor and the upper level houses the private spacesAs the sunlight touches the water in the pool, it gets reflected into the house

In total, the house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The living spaces are clustered on the ground floor in an open floor plan which seamlessly opens onto a deck and then onto an infinity edge pool which overlooks the sea. As the sun hits the surface of the water in the pool, the light gets reflected into the house, thus ensuring the bright and open decor the architects aimed for.

The interior design is simple, the focus being on the materials and the viewsThe living area has exposed concrete ceilings and floors and furniture designed to be comfortable

The interior design is simple. Apart from the views, another major element on which the architects focused is the palette of materials. They used simple and pure materials such as concrete and wood and they allowed them to showcase their simplicity and beauty. Exposed concrete ceilings, polished concrete floors and solid wood furniture give the spaces a lot of character.

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The living room sofa is positioned to face the deck and the seaThe main materials used inside the house are concrete and wood



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