Clear Glass House is Triple Zero Climate-Friendly

There are more and more and more environmental friendly buildings being built. One of such buildings introduced by Wener Sobek has reached what many of the environmental friendly buildings would look to accomplish, the Triple Zero®. It is the first of all the seven environmental friendly housing built in France and Germany that has meet the complete standards of what is meant to be efficiency in energy, from the standards of Passivhaus and LEED.


To reach the standards the house should be able to emit complete zero of the greenhouse gas, producing no waste when using and building, and require no energy whatsoever. These are the Triple Zero® introduced by Wener Sobek for this house; energy that is zero, emission that is zero, and wastes that is also zero. This clear glass house will be completely relied on solar panels installed on the top of the roof and the use of the heat from the ground to produce energy to use in the house.

The glasses used will also help to reduce energy required in the house. Since it is completely power by solar panels for its electricity needs and with no fireplace, there will be no CO2 being produced. Furthermore, all the materials used to build this house are recycled, and all of them could be recycled for further use. In fact, the house was built together with the nature with no damage to its surround.

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