Citriodora – a nature-inspired house in Anglesea, Australia

Australia is a great place, full of contrastive places and very beautiful natural sanctuaries. Citrodora is just one of the many houses that were built to celebrate nature’s beauty. You might wonder if Citriodora actually means anything. It’s a word that defines a species of plant that grows in that area and that is also known as lemon myrtle because of the beautiful smell it emanates.

Citriodora is located in Anglesea, Australia and it’s a modern house with an interesting design. As you can see, most of the living space is on the first floor. There there’s the kitchen, the living room, the master bedroom, the study, the bathroom and the guest bedroom. There are a lot of rooms there if you ask me. It seems to be a well-though arrangement.

The downstairs area is more of a fun area. There’s a TV, a pool table and other seating spaces there that are meant to entertain you. The first floor that is also the only one since there’s not a second floor, was built in a way that allows the users to enjoy the incredibly beautiful views. On one side there’s a large glass wall that basically allows you to admire the nature regardless of you position in the room.

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As for the location, the Citriodora house is placed right in the middle of nature. This provides privacy and beautiful views. It’s a simple house that has been designed and decorated with elegance and style. The entire project was done by Seeley Architects 



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