Church Converted Into a Modern House

This title seems to be a religious affirmation. If you go into detail you will find out that there is a grain of truth but the essential issue is based on laic terms.Actually, it refers to a historic Methodist church in Houghton which was transformed into a family home with a modern interior design.

It is an old, sandstone church, one of the two nineteenth century churches in Houghton that was completed in 1877 and became a landmark for the local community.In 1977 it was converted into a family home. It has 2355 square meters of land and it is surrounded by a wonderful landscape.The interior design combines a traditional style with modern additions. The entrance hall is dominated by modern suspended lamps and the presence of a pool table.

The wood is present everywhere. You can notice the wood parquet, the wood dining table with the wood chairs and the modern wood wine room which is one of the house’s attractions.The living room is amazing. The modern dark blue furniture, the presence of a granite wall and the old carpet complete each other in order to create a surprising décor.The black and white bathroom has a traditional style but it is an elegant appearance.Listed for more than 1 million$.Don’t forget to look at the 4 Churches Turned Into Beautiful Homes.

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