Chic residence in Austria by X Architekten

This is an unusual and yet very simple and attractive residence. It’s located on 4030 Ebelsberg, Upper Austria, Austria. It features an interesting design with unconventional walls, a reason that determined someone to call it the Folded Corten House. The residence was designed by X Architekten and the construction was completed in 2007.

It’s a modern residence, with a beautiful shape, featuring large windows and even floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow expansive views over the surrounding landscape. I especially like the tall tree situated very close to the house that seems to be part of the design and that is like a protector of the residence. However, As the tree gets older it will probably become a danger for the structure of the house and it will eventually have to be removed.

This single-family residence sits on a site that measures 180 sq meters and the house occupies a 215 sq meter area. It’s situated in a quiet area, surrounded by nature and vegetation. In fact, it’s the challenging location that dictated the unusual design of the house. The structure had to be adapted to the landscape, thus resulting in an intriguing but simple and very chic residence. I don’t have much information regarding the interior design but it seems to be equally stylish and simple as the exterior.{found on architezer}

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