Charming Windmill Retreat Adorns The Kent Countryside

Living in a windmill house, now that’s something you can be proud of. We’re not saying it’s the most comfortable or practical structure to call a home but it’s definitely unusual and that makes it special in a lot of ways. The Old Smock Windmill is a structure you can rent occasionally just so you can enjoy its unique charm and then tell everyone all about it.

Located in the countryside, this windmill retreat is enveloped in charm and mysterious beautyYou couldn’t tell it’s a cozy home just by looking at it and this is part of its unusual charm and character

You can find this unusual retreat in the Kent countryside. It’s an old structure built in the early 1800’s. It’s been recently restored and the project didn’t delete all of its original character. Instead of retained a lot of those features and integrated them into a new design which also has a few modern characteristics. The new design is a mixture of old and new, combining the romantic charm of the original rustic elements with the comfort of modern living.

The exterior has a two-toned design, with a white upper section that pierces the sky and stands up above the lush surroundingsThe views may not be extraordinary but they are surely impressive and quite mesmerizing from up hereThe interior design is a combination of rustic finishes and textures with a little hint of modern

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The four-story tower-like structure rises above the lush green landscape with its white-painted exterior. At the same time, the brick lower section allows it to blend in nicely and to become a part of the surroundings. Enter and be mesmerized. You’ll find the social area on the first floor. It contains the kitchen with its farmhouse-style sink, a round dining table with classical wooden chairs and a comfortable and welcoming lounge space.

The open kitchen is a sign of a modern layout. You can see it here unfold alongside one of the wallsThe upstairs bedroom is a really cozy space with lots of exposed wooden beams and wooden flooring
In the bathroom you can see a little bit of modern character in the form of a glass walk-in shower

The second floor houses the private spaces, more exactly the bedroom and bathroom. The sleeping area is perhaps the most charming space of all, with its romantic decor and classic French allure. Large wooden beams adorn the walls and ceiling and give the bedroom a warm and extremely cozy look and ambiance.

Oddly enough, there’s this quirky corner where you can see an armchair, a washbasin and a clothing rodThere’s a small spiral staircase in the bedroom which offers access to the space above itMost of the activities take place on the lower level where the social spaces are located

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The floors are connected by a wooden staircase which in the bedroom takes a spiraling form. It leads up to the bathroom which is designed and furnished with antique-style pieces. It has underfloor heating which adds a plus of comfort and a glass walk-in shower that brings in a little bit of modern flair. The clawfoot freestanding tub is one of the focal points. Another really interesting piece is the 18th century copper washbasin.

Here, the kitchen, the seating area and the dining space share the same open floor planThere’s a cozy lounge corner by the staircase furnished with some rustic armchairs and a wethered sofaWe enjoy discovering all the little things that make this retreat special, like the chic clawfoot tub in the bathroomAnother gorgeous feature is the copper washbasin which stands out and contrasts with the rest of the toned down finishes



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