Charming Summer House With A Barn-Like Structure

Summer homes are usually light, bright and quite simple. In fact, this one is a perfect reflection of how a perfect summer home should look like. It’s not a luxury home but it’s not very modest either. It’s the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity. As you can see, this vacation home has a barn-like structure and design. This instantly makes it feel cozy and inviting. It’s why the white and simple interior doesn’t seem that cold in the first place.

This lovely space is wonderful for spending the holidays and a few relaxing weeks during summer. As you can see, the location is perfect for that. The views are quite charming and the surroundings and quiet and inviting. The summer house has a very nice interior. It has a total of three bedrooms as well as an open kitchen and dining area. it has a fireplace which makes it even more welcoming.The best part about this property during summer is, of course, the outdoor space.

The outdoor furniture already shows us how relaxing and beautiful sending time here can be. You get to have breakfast outside while admiring the views and you also get to entertain your guests here. The barbeque area is perfect for that. And now the best part: you can rent this lovely Scandinavian home and you can make it your home for the summer. You’ll be able to enjoy everything this charming house has to offer along with all the splendid features present outside.{found on husohem}.

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