Charming stone cottage hidden among tree ferns

This is the Yurramie cottage, a quiet and charming weekend retreat located near Sydney, in the Pittwater area. The cottage is small but very beautiful. It’s hidden among tree ferns and gum trees and it’s the perfect getaway place for these owners. It’s a very peaceful place, very private but also close to the beach.

The cottage was originally built in the 1920s. It was as simple and beautiful as it is now. Over the years, the owners renovated and updated the cottage but tried to preserve its charm and character as much as possible. The materials used were very similar to those originally used to build the cottage and, even though the interior décor changed and got modernized, it’s still very simple and close to its roots. The cottage is very small and only has one bedroom. It’s the type of getaway place that you only want to share with you loved one for a romantic weekend.

What’s interesting is that, even though the cottage is completely hidden among the trees and the beautiful vegetation surrounding it, it also offers wonderful views across the Great Mackerel Beach valley. The sandy beach is just five minutes away from it. Since the cottage is surrounded by vegetation, it’s also a refreshing getaway. The stone walls further keep the interior nice and cool thus making this place feel like heaven in comparison with the hot Australian summer temperatures that everyone else has to face.

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