Charming Rustic Cottage Inspired By Fairy Tales

We all need a refuge, a magical place where we can spend our free time in peace and quiet, leaving behind every thought about work, duties or bills. Where else could you enjoy all the beauties and treasures offered by nature, but in the middle of it?

The lucky owners of this lovely cottage are very proud of it, even though they initially planned to build a bigger house. They contacted Peter Boes of TKP Architects, and this is what came out of their work.  The result is more than impressive and the owners realized that this is exactly what they needed.

This small house has a particular charm and perfectly completes the landscape. Although from the outside looks somehow spacious, interior pictures reveal a whole different story. The cottage has a single room measuring 500 square feet and a sleeping loft. Because the space is not so generous, they couldn’t use a normal staircase, so they preferred a Jefferson stair as a way to get to the second floor. I personally find this idea extremely useful and playful. It reminds me of Jack and the beanstalk!

The fireplace is the detail that warms up the atmosphere and makes you feel like home. As you can see, various natural elements have made their way inside. The floor, the stone fireplace, the simple furniture, all of these make you feel like you belong there. Sliding glass doors are used with a double purpose: saving space and in the same time providing an astonishing view.

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To make sure that the guests will have everything they need, they chose to add a Murphy bed near the fireplace. Behind the fireplace is a small bathroom, with glass shower doors and a concrete sink. Basically, you have all you need here!

A small house like this would be a good place for a summer retreat, don’t you think?



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