Charming retreat in Catalonia, a place with a rich history and lots of character

The whole idea of spending your vacation in an exotic place or somewhere far away from home is to experiment something new, to explore new cultures and to have a look at the history, traditions and all he things that make that destination unique. So what better place to go to than an old, rustic retreat that can allow you to be transported back in time and that lets you perfectly integrate into that particular area?

This beautiful and charming retreat is exactly what we’re talking about. Located in Catalonia, Spain, this holiday home has three centuries of history. Its rustic appearance is like a glimpse in the past. Originally built in the 1700s, the house has been rehabilitated and restored by architect Nuri Vidal. Over time, it has been the subject of many changes. It has been extended and its layout and interior design have changed as well. Currently, its owners are a couple with three children.

The location of the house is very beautiful. It sits in the center of one f the most beautiful towns in the region. The house itself is very beautiful and captures the beauty of the surroundings perfectly. But even though it;s located in a central area, the house seems to be somewhat isolated from everything that’s going n around it. It’s the detail that makes it so charming and relaxing.

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It’s amazing to be part of a whole and yet to feel like you’re in your own world. This retreat is a very peaceful and calm place, a place where its owners can relax and enjoy the privacy, where thy an admire the beautiful landscape and where they can become a part of this amazing and charming piece of heaven.

The property includes, besides the beautiful house, a garden that is like an oasis surrounded by stone walls. It includes a pool with a relaxing outdoor lounge area on the other side. Overall, the property features a very nice combination of old and new elements. Its character and original charm have been preserved along with several other details such as the windows, doors and the exterior facade. The interior is very bright and filled with natural light. The dining and living areas features views of the garden and the porch while the master bedroom is very peaceful and serene.



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