Charming Modern Home Concealed By The Landscape

When a house is built on a site as remote as this one, the idea behind the project is usually to bring the inhabitants closer to nature, to explore the beauty of the surroundings and to ensure a quiet, relaxing and secluded environment. The site on which Casa Meztitla is situated was chosen for two main reasons.

Casa Meztitla view of mountains

On one hand, the site was suitable from a financial point of view. On the other hand, it was located in the close proximity of the El Tapozteco mountain national park, being surrounded by extraordinary landscape.

Casa Meztitla placed between trees

It’s here that the architects at EDAA chose to build this wonderful house. The office is currently composed of five members and was founded by Luis Arturo Garcia, the architect in charge of this project. The house was built in 2014 and covers an area of 400 square meters in Tapoztlan, Mexico.

Casa Meztitla natural stone and white walls

For the most part, the house was built out of rough stone. This allows it to blend in with the landscape. It would easily go unnoticed if not for the white monolithic box which acts as a shell for the interior spaces. It emerges through the tree tops, making the building visible. The building sits low under the trees and is aligned with the slopes surrounding it.

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Casa Meztitla internal courtyard

Casa Meztitla interior courtyard

The interior is closed in order to offer a lot of privacy. At the same time, the house is also opened to its surroundings, welcoming the gorgeous views and the beautiful natural colors. This interesting connection between the indoor areas and the vast outdoor spaces is ensured through a set of pivoting glass doors which allow the house to be in constant touch with nature.

Casa Meztitla swimming pool

The materials used for the project are basic and locally-sourced. They include concrete which was used for the foundation, white cement for plastering the walls, stone and glass. This combination was chosen for economical reasons but also to allow the house to easily and seamlessly integrate into the natural context.

Casa Meztitla open water reservoir

The house was meant to require little maintenance, this being another reason for which this palette of materials was chosen. These materials age naturally and gradually blend with the context , becoming part of the landscape.

Casa Meztitla pivot glass door

Casa Meztitla shelterned dining area

Two large reservoirs have the role of collecting rainwater. One of them is circular and open, the water being used for irrigation and maintenance. The other reservoir contains potable water and is concealed under the grass patio.

Casa Meztitla two levels and large openings

Casa Meztitla interior social area

The house also has a lap swimming pool which, in a way, can be considered a third reservoir. The pool is integrated into the house’s structure and shell, being raised to capture the most beautiful views.

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Casa Meztitla hammock and sheltered outdoor area

Casa Meztitla indoor hammock

A courtyard offers a great sense of privacy. It shelters the house and, at the same time, reinforces the wonderful indoor-outdoor connection established between spaces. Areas such as the bedroom and its open en-suite bathroom get to enjoy this privacy and openness in the most beautiful way.

Casa Meztitla bedroom open to outdoors

Casa Meztitla bridge connecting spaces

In addition to the grand pivot glass doors which both protect the internal spaces and welcome the outdoors in, the house also features a very casual and open layout which makes the transition between interior and exterior spaces seamless.

Casa Meztitla open shower and bedroom



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