Charming House in Warsaw, Poland

Designed by Damian Cyryl Kotwicki this next house in Warsaw, Poland is a mixture of contemporary and classic elements. Built on a small site the house is simple in plan and form.

The materials used were brick, concrete, wood for warmth and titanium-zinc sheets. The outcome of using such a variety of materials is a beautiful, attractive place. This two-story house features a garage, open living area, kitchen, dining room, a lounge and lobby on the first floor, two bedrooms with bathrooms for the owners and their guests and an extra lounge on the second level.

Throughout the entire house you can see a lot of modern elements such as the funky light fixtures, the kitchen appliances, art work and some traditional ones like some of the furnishings. Moreover the circular staircase is located in the center of the house and is a beautiful structure. Although the house is siting on a 600sqf plot, it is a big, wonderful place where you can enjoy every moment with family and friends.{found on archdaily}


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