Charming house in Rotterdam brought back to life

Seeing how nice and beautiful this house looks now, it’s hard to believe that it was once an old and forgotten building with grass growing inside it and with nobody looking after it. The house is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and it was indeed abandoned for a certain period of time.

It finally found a new owner when the city of Rotterdam decided to sell homes in troubled neighborhoods at cut-out prices. At that moment the Dutch architect Rolf Bruggink decided to seize the opportunity so he bough this one. This is a house from the early 1900s. It’s 1,823 square foot, three-story residence that was in pretty bad shape when it was bought. Over time and with patience, the new owner managed to turn it into the lovely and inviting home that it is now.

Since almost everything was rotten and useless, the architect wasn’t able to recycle and reuse the materials so he had to start from scratch. The façade was also pretty damaged and had to be restored. The team that worked at this project actually wanted to replace it but the city rejected their proposal. Even though there’s not much remained of the old house, it still has a certain charm that makes it special. Mr. Bruggink, the new owner, even found a new name for it: the Black Pearl.{found on nytimes}

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