Charming blue-trimmed house outside Manhattan

Not everyone likes the countryside. Some people prefer to live in the city, despite the crazy traffic and the chaotic atmosphere. Some like a quiet little house in the country. But finding a country house often turns to be more difficult than finding an apartment. The owners of this charming little hillside house know that very well.

The owners, two young men at the beginning of their careers, found this beautiful blue-trimmed house and they decided to purchase it right away. They were decided to make it their home and to transform the house into a real beauty. Originally the residence had a rather chaotic design and featured some really unfortunate color choices. However, the owners were able to look past that and to see the potential. They repainted the interior and now each room features a pale, pastel color, slightly different than the other ones but still in the same direction. They added contemporary furniture and managed to make the house seem airy and spacious.

The kitchen originally had maroon cabinets that didn’t really make it justice. As soon as they were painted white the whole atmosphere changed. The kitchen became bright and inviting and the kitchen even seemed larger. It was a big change and the house seems to have been remodeled drastically. It’s a big difference in terms of style, considering the fact that the house dates back to the 1930s.{found on nytimes}.

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