Chalet C7 – a remote destination hidden among the Andes

With a very simple design and a visible lack or ornamentation, Chalet C7 doesn’t stand out with its design. However, it impresses with its amazing location and its incredibly inviting interior. Hidden among the peaks of the Andes, the chalet is a cozy and remote getaway destination. Civilization may be far away but nobody misses it here.

Although the design of the chalet is very simple, the design is very precise. The building was designed with great spatial awareness and no area is a wasted space.

The architecture may not stand out with sumptuous and sophisticated details but it manages to impress on a bigger level, beyond immediate little details. The chalet was a project by architects Nicolás del Rio and Max Núñez.

Because of the location chosen for the chalet, the architects had to take into consideration every little aspect when designing this building. It’s why they decided to incorporate the chalet into the environment and to make it blend in smoothly. This way, those inside can feel close to the landscape and the nature and they can feel involved in everything that’s happening outside while being safe and cozy indoors.

The chalet perfectly integrates into the for the design and structure, because of all the snow, the architects had to build the chalet with strong steel beams and columns. The interior was designed with an open layout and an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

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