Chalet Brickell – a luxurious and enchanting Alpine getaway in Megève

Megève is a region famous for its beautiful chalets and alpine domains. Among those, there’s one that stands out with its eclectic design and enchanting surroundings. Chalet Brickell opened its doors in December 2011. It was a project by Swiss design firm Pure Concept and it covers a surface of 12,900 square feet.Here, in south-eastern France, more exactly in the Rhône-Alpes, the atmosphere is mesmerizing. The views, of course, are impressive but it’s not only that.

The properties are very beautiful, charming and inviting and Chalet Brickell is no exception. The chalet can accommodate up to 18 guests is its 7 bedrooms. The guests are welcomed here all year round. The chalet and its guest house integrate perfectly into the surroundings. Situated at the foot of the mountain and surrounded by nature, it looks like it’s been there forever.

But what seems so natural about it was actually a very challenging and demanding project. The chalet was designed to precise specification and even the tiniest detail needed to be perfect. It was built using noble and elegant materials but also with a very functional distribution. Inside, a beautiful staircase offers access to the large living room. It’s a space decorated with antique woods and with a warm, elegant and harmonious décor. The adjacent teak terrace is a splendid open-air relaxation space. It has custom made sun loungers and very beautifully-defined details. The whole chalet has been very meticulously organized and decorated.

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