Century-old Barcelona Residence With Lots Of Personality

This is Casa Jes, a house located in Barcelona, Spain which has been restored and partially redesigned. It’s a century-old building with lots of character and personality. Designed by Nook Architects, the house still features most of its original architecture which has been preserved intact during the restoration. The building has a double façade. One is facing the street while the other is oriented towards the interior courtyard.

Everything except the kitchen and the bathroom was kept intact. These two spaces have been updated to the 90’s, so the styles are not that different. The layout of the house had to be reorganized a little.

The original distribution of the rooms was very compartmentalized and the different zones were not functionally organized. Now the residence has an open kitchen which shares an open plan with the living room. The master bedroom has lots of storage space. There’s also a second bedroom and a guest washroom.

Originally, the house also had a guest bedroom which was quite small and it has been turned into a studio. Other changes include the fact that the second bathroom and the guest washroom along with the master bedroom are now over an elevated wooden platform. Under the platform the owners can hide the bed and thus liberate the room, making it feel more spacious.

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