Ceiling Clouds Has Its Own Specialty

Coop himmelb (l) au, an Austrian architectural firm has won the International competition for design in 2006.  This firm along with Italian Heliopolis 21 has exposed considerable changes they have made to their ‘Ceiling Clouds’ project suggestion.  The modified plan has the structure of two blocks constituting the exhibition hall on the ground and the multipurpose hall that are connected by a lobby.

A two-story parking encloses the sports hall.  The parking structure can be seen along the new bypass that gives clearness to the building.  The multipurpose hall can accommodate 3000 people.  A bridge connects the new exhibition hall with the existing one to allow its continuity.

Each floor of the exhibition is directly connected with the lobby enabling its independent use.  Maximum administrational flexibility will be provided by the new building.  The exhibition’s top floor is different from the other three formal levels with its less number of pillars and roof slab openings.  The work will commence in 2011 and will last till 2013.


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