Casa Monte na Comporta – a personal luxury resort far away from all distractions

A vacation house or a holiday home should be located somewhere beautiful, far away from all the noise and traffic in the city, where one can go to relax and unwind. In other words, it should be more like this. Casa Monte na Comporta is located in Portugal, in a vary beautiful and open area with magnificent views and natural landscape.

The house has a superb swimming pool with a beautiful lounge area and a wooden deck surrounding it from two sides. Out here you can enjoy the gorgeous weather, admire the views and simply forget about everything and everyone. It’s a perfect place for relaxation, like a little piece of paradise or a personal resort.

Stunning trees and vegetation encase the house and the adjacent outdoor spaces offering privacy and purifying the air around them. All the colors, the blue in the sky, the way it’s reflected into the pool, the green in the trees and all the other vibrant shades dance together and form a harmonious composition which one can admire from the open pool as well as from inside the house. Add the simple but beautiful architecture of the house and you get an image of a dream getaway.

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