Casa Luz surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden

In Guatemala the company Paz Arquitectura designed the Casa Luz (the House of Light) project with the intent of emphasizing the structural elements and to seek to highlight the methods and materials of this amazing construction. It was built using concrete, steel, wood, a lot of glass and fine timber formwork in order to leave a permanent imprint on the exposed concrete. Outside the house is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden with lots of local plants and old trees.

Given the fact that the architects wanted to integrate the house into the landscape without disturbing the nature, some of the trees seem to grow up from the large terrace, creating an unique illusion. The entire house seems to be like a balcony thanks to those big glass walls. A beautiful pond filled with gravel emphasizes another entrance into the house, directly in the living area.

The place is very bright and spacious thanks to those big windows, white walls, high ceilings and white shiny floors that reflect the light. To create a warm atmosphere for a family who lives permanently in this house, designers combined many patterns of furniture and decorations.

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On the walls we can see minimalist paintings and also all kinds of lighting objects that emphasize the modern furniture made of wood, glass and steel. Upstairs, the house has a glass pathway which leads us to an additional more private living area, but also to the bedrooms which are filled with furniture in darker tones, pointing out that are private areas.{pics by Andres Asturias}.



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