Casa Kopche Residence Features The Perfect Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Casa Kopche is a private family residence with a contemporary design and relaxing surrounding views.The residence is situated in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Responsible for the gorgeous design of the house is Grupo Arquitecture.

The residence covers an area of 434 square meters and features a clean geometry and a minimalistic design. A key characteristic of the house is the wonderful indoor-outdoor connection. You rarely see such harmony between the spaces.

This strong connection is created through a series of methods. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls and retractable walls are a great way of opening up the interior spaces to the beautiful outdoors and to the courtyard. In addition, the decks and terraces seamlessly blend with the rest of the areas.

A series of transitional spaces make the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces seamless and natural. The open plan living area you see at the back is one of these zones.

It’s actually difficult to differentiate between the interior and exterior spaces as they blend together so wonderfully. Even when you’re inside you feel connected to the beautiful outdoors and you can even enjoy the nice weather and the views from here.

This dining area is simply gorgeous. It offers splendid views on both sides and we love the furniture. The large table has a glass top and the chairs feature two types of upholstery.

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Even the bedroom has sliding glass doors which lead to a stunning patio. This makes this house one of the most serene and relaxing residence we’ve ever seen.

Few spaces are not directly connected with the outdoors but, even so, they are filled with natural light and feature nice views. Plus, the décor becomes the focal point. This living room features a wonderful floating staircase with a sculptural design.

The kitchen is one of the most enclosed spaces. However, it feels airy and open thanks to its simple and clean design. The combination of black and gray in the form of stainless steel appliances and that stylish countertop is so simple and yet to attractive.

The garage follows the same style as the rest of the house and features a very simple and open structure. It’s spacious enough for three cars and the modern pathway that leads here complements its design perfectly.



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