Casa Jondal in Ibiza – Spain

For many people, myself included, Ibiza in Spain seems to be Heaven on Earth, the island of pleasures where everything is possible, open to all possibilities and having the most amazing natural scenery. The water there seems unearthly blue and everything around you makes you think this isn’t possible – I must be dreaming. Well, apparently there are a lot of people thinking exactly like me in the area because the place is full of luxury villas and homes that are ready to offer maximum of comfort and style for those living in them or renting them.

The designer of this amazing house is called Jaime Serra and he wanted to turn the 380 square meters residence into an amazing combination of rustic elements with luxury items and a lot of good taste. There is also a touch of modernism in the concrete building that is designed in a minimalist way, but having a graceful simplicity and style.

The building follows the natural relief of the area, so it follows the curves and slopes of the hill it is placed on. This way you can see it is actually made of two bodies, two structures that are linked together. It’s an abundance of glass and huge swimming pools, since the area is famous for the holidays you can spend there and the wonderful Mediterranean weather and climate. You can see white and blue and modern furniture and beautiful outdoors.{found on nimvo}

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