Casa en el Bosque, a contemporary design in Mexico

This beautiful residence is located in Valle de Ravo, Mexico. It’s a contemporary home and it’s was a project developed by Parque Humano.The house sits on a 3.500 sq meter plot and it’ s surrounded by varied and rich vegetation. The tall trees that surround the house are a great addition and they’ve been preserved for multiple reasons. First of all, they’re a piece of nature that is always welcomed. Also, they provide shadow and, most important of all, they protect the house from wind, rains and sun.

The owners and the architects working at this project decided to try to respect nature to the fullest. That’s why the design of the house was developed in a way that would allow the users to experiment both sides. The users have direct and intimate contact with the outdoors. This is possible because of the large windows and continuous design.

The design of the house had to be able to naturally integrate in the surroundings. The idea was to create a modern house but that would be able to blend it with the rest of the buildings. It didn’t need to stand out but rather to pass unobserved. However, even tough this is the case on the outside, the interior of the home is not that boring. It’s an elegant décor, with stylish pieces of furniture and nice color contrasts.

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