Casa da Torre, a modern winery in Portugal

You might wonder what this beautiful construction is. The truth is it’s a winery, but not the type we’re used with. It’s a modern version of those dusty and old wineries. Casa da Torre is located in Portugal and it has been built in 2009. It has a wood structure and inside it resembles an elaborate laboratory.

The laws for hygiene have become more strict over the years and this required drastic changes in design as well. In fact, the winery of Casa da Torre already existed on that property. However, it needed a drastic makeover both because of the need to produce more wine and because of the new rules. The winery has been enlarged and it also got a new, more modern look.All done by Castanheira & Bastai Architects.

The location and orientation are perfect. The winery is half buried into the site and the southern side is sheltered from direct sun and high temperatures. On the north side there’s a large and think granite wall and to the east a series of entrance areas. The extension was created in accordance with the already existent structure. Several elements have been added, such as a two way pitched roof, a series of central pillars and a new façade. The materials for the interior have been chosen in accordance with the requirements for hygiene, durability and maintenance.{found on archilovers}

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