Captivant House by Ramon Esteve Architects

The Ramon Esteve design of the Paz Y Comedias house captivates both the mind and soul. This is a place where the human mind is best at ease with itself, its imagination and peace. The plainly un-blasted stones walls rise graciously from the blue waters of the pool on one side, the oak tree wood laid on to make the floor on the other side and forms the pillars to the large glass windows that opens up to the spacious living room. All this combination of fashionable and tasteful design forms the patio to the Roman Esteve house.

What’s more? In between nowhere in this cobbled stone wall is a gate-less archway that opens up to the inviting lawns and the gardens outside. Bright and white colors have never appealed to many people but the way Roman Esteve makes use of his will captivate you.

The tall white walls blend just perfectly with the white couches, expensive fittings and glass-topped tables. The juxtaposition of contrast found with the placement of colored utensils, artwork and strategically placed carvings and paintings adds a distinct taste not found with many contemporary designs.


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