Cantilevered Pool Designs Do The Views Justice In Extraordinary Ways

When a swimming pool meets a gorgeous view something incredible happens. The combination is extraordinary and often highlighted in wonderful ways. A cantilevering pool gets to overlook the expansive views in front of it and to offer a unique and exceptional experience.

Cantilevered pools are more common than you think but they manage to remain interesting and unusual nonetheless. They’re often embraced by architects in search of a way to make the site justice and to make the most of a location although private residences aren’t the only ones that get to stand out thanks to such interesting architectural features.

To have a swimming pool on the roof, now that’s pretty impressive, especially when the pool actually covers the whole roof and cantilevers over the edge of the house and site. This is the Mirage House and its rooftop infinity pool is one of the most amazing ones we’ve seen. The house was designed by Kois Associated Architects.

This house doesn’t have its pool on the roof but actually on one of the lower levels. The house, designed by Vertice Arquitectos, has a cantilevered pool that expand from the rock formation in which the structure is embedded. The side of the pool is actually transparent, allowing a view of the surroundings. The house was completed in 2010 and can be seen in Playa Las Lomas del Mar, Peru.

Can you even imagine what it would be like to swim in a pool that’s cantilevered at a considerable height and has a glass bottom? You can actually experience that by visiting Hotel Hubertus, a resort located in the South Tyrol region of Italy. It has a 25 meter long cantilevered, glass-bottomed pool that offers amazing views in all directions. The pool is the bridge between the hotel’s old construction and the new structure. A project by NOA.

Some architects found other ways to take swimming pools to new heights. Malik Architecture, for instance, created a unique hilltop house in Mumbai. The house has a structure supported by columns and a rooftop swimming pool on stilts. This unusual design was partially chosen in response to the difficult site conditions and sloped form.

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The Hemeroscopium House is a unique structure completed in 2008 by Ensamble Studio. Located in Madrid, the structure forms a helix. Seven elements pile up and challenge the idea of equilibrium. Complex calculations had to be made and it took the engineers a total of seven years to develop the design and only seven days to build it. Everything was prefabricated, including the cantilevered pool that expands from the building to take in the views.

Located in Vale do Lobo, in Southern Portugal this residence has a cantilevered infinity pool that offers panoramic views of the nearby golf course. This was a project by Arqui+ Arquitectura. The pool is suspended above the courtyard and it cascades down into a lower reflecting pool which in turn is connected to the indoor pool situated below, inside the spa area. The house thus has three pools in total, all connected.

In Marbella, Spain, there’s a home known as the Jellyfish House. It was designed by Wiel Arets Architects and it has an amazing rooftop pool cantilevered 9 meters toward the mountain range, offering extraordinary views thanks to its infinity edge pool. Even more interesting is the fact that the pool has a glass bottom floor that lets the light filter through the water and down to the levels below.

Every house and every architect have their own ways of making floating or cantilevered pools look amazing. Villa K, for instance, is a rather simple residence with a straightforward design except for a terrace crossed by a patio and a pool that appears to be floating, being partially cantilevered over the edge of the hill. This was a project by Paul de Ruiter Architects completed in 2014 in Thuringia, Germany.

Hotel Indigo is a landmark for its Hong Kong surroundings and there’s a good reason for that: its pool situated at the top of the building, cantilevered and floating in mid air. The pool has a glass bottom which pretty much lets any passers-by see its contents but, gives how high it sits, this also lets those swimming in it to have un-unparalleled view of what’s underneath them, giving them a pretty unique experience. The design was done by Aedas.

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In 2012 Aamer Architects came across a pretty interesting project. They were commissioned to build a house that would be the third construction on a plot that already had two neighboring homes. The clients wanted the three homes to allow them to live together with their kids. They had a request: a garden courtyard with a pond and koi fish. That meant the swimming pool had to be relocated and the architects found a cool solution: to put it up on the roof and this way to also offer views over the surroundings.

The contemporary residence designed by Carlos Gilardi in Alicante, Spain is a special type of home. It was called La Perla Del Mediterraneo, a name that showcases its uniqueness and sophisticated nature. The location is amazing and that had to be reflected in the design of the house which had to capture the panoramic views of the bay and the sea. This was done by creating large terraces and suspending the infinity edge pool over the cliff. The Jacuzzi tub on the upper level i=offers great views as well.

Villa Amanzi is another one of those structures that take advantage of the wonderful location and extraordinary views by having the pool on one of the upper levels instead of the usual placement. It’s what Original Vision did in order to do the site justice. They focused a lot of highlighting the two most important elements: the rock formations and the view that dominate every space and every angle. The pool is, as a result, cantilevered over a one of the interior spaces that serves as a massage room.



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