Cantilevered House Raised Off The Ground To Capture Views Of The Sea

The Oinamar region in Argentina is a beautiful place, a lovely city with an opening to the sea and some really cool views into the distance. This is where studio Guaresti/Altieri Arquitectura got to work on a project in 2020. Their task was to design and build a house on a piece of sand very close to the sea. Naturally, they had to take advantage of this proximity and to emphasize the scenery as best as possible. They manage to make the views a part of their design for all main areas of the house.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the entire house is raised off the ground. This was a way for the architects to deal with the uneven topography of the site, in particular the slope. Also, this allows the house better views towards the sea, uninterrupted by the neighboring structures or the vegetation. Of course, this cantilevered design also gives the house a really cool look and allows it to stand out.

The owners also wanted their new home to require very little maintenance. In response, the architects came up with a design that uses exposed concrete as a finish for most of the exterior. They also integrated a few other materials into their design but avoided putting any wood or metal outside because of the humidity and proximity to the salty water of the sea. 

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The interior as a whole has a spacious and open feel, with lots of large areas being distributed across the floor plan. The house has an L-shaped structure and two separate entrances, one of which is for a professional studio. The studio can be accessed from other areas inside the house so it’s seamlessly integrated into the design but maintains a certain independence as well. Large windows and glass walls expose all the main areas to the magnificent views of the sea and further add more cohesiveness to the house as a whole. 



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