Cantilevered Home Eliminates Barriers In Favor Of Harmony

Named Temozon House after its location, this contemporary residence was completed in 2013. It was a project by architect Aaron Carillo of Carillo Arquitectos y Asociados. The house is located in Yucatan, Mexico and covers an area of 1,167 square meters.

Yucatan cantilevered house view from side

The architects’ philosophy is that every project is the result of the teamwork between a large series of specific elements including the location, the climate, the vegetation and materials but also the innovation of the design as well as the identity of the building.

Yucatan cantilevered house ground floor from outside

In this case, the plot shaped the house to a certain degree. The residence is set on a trapezoidal corner plot which presented a challenge for the team. At first, they wanted to create an L-shape structure with two corridors that would surround the plot to make room for a garden at the center.

Yucatan cantilevered house interior garden

Later on the plan changed and the final design features an interior garden integrated into the living area. This was done by moving one of the corridors 45 degrees in order to allow better ventilation. The corridor was divided into two sections.

Yucatan cantilevered house street view

One section is found in the solid volume that cantilevers above the ground housing a private area and the social zone. By choosing to create a cantilevered house, the architects also managed to highlight the views from the plot and to offer the inhabitants more privacy without confining the interior spaces.

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Yucatan cantilevered house closeup by the pool

What’s particularly beautiful and ingenious in this case is that the interior and the exterior spaces communicate harmoniously and there are no firm barriers between them. By eliminating these barriers, the architects created a very relaxing and fresh environment, like an oasis.

Yucatan cantilevered house exterior walls

Yucatan cantilevered house courtyard

Yucatan cantilevered house stone walls

In addition to that, the interior design emphasizes the same idea. Natural materials were used extensively throughout the rooms. This cozy seating area features exposed stone walls and wooden faux ceiling with cove lighting.

Yucatan cantilevered house cozy seating area

Yucatan cantilevered house hallway

Stone was also a primary choice in the case of other spaces such as this semi-private nook that has its own indoor pond and skylights.

Yucatan cantilevered house indoor pond seating nook

Yucatan cantilevered house indoor pond

Similarly, one of the bathrooms emphasizes the unique texture of this material highlighting its natural beauty. In addition to creating a fresh and relaxing décor, both the natural materials and the vegetation help create a relaxing, calming and zen ambiance throughout the house.

Yucatan cantilevered house stone in bathroom

Yucatan cantilevered house stone on bathrom walls and ceiling

The second bathroom sets a warm, elegant and inviting mood by incorporating a lot of wood in its design. This allows it to feature a modern simplistic design focused on clean lines and smooth textures.

Yucatan cantilevered house second bathroom

The lighting is warm, subtle and very pleasant in all the space. The choice of materials is strategic for each space and the same thing can be said about the colors and textures used inside the house. The dining area is a beautiful combination between a glass top table, a faux wooden ceiling and an elegant pendant lamp.

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Yucatan cantilevered house dining area

Yucatan cantilevered house social area

Water and vegetation play an important role for the interior as well. The outdoor swimming pool is definitely the largest water feature but there are also smaller addition inside the house, such as the pond or the decorative rocks under the staircase. The exterior deck is very interesting as well. It has trees growing through its cover.

Yucatan cantilevered house rocks under staircase

Yucatan cantilevered house deck with threes

The facade of the house reveals little about the interior, even though the ground floor is exposed through full height windows and glass walls. The complexity of the interior design and layout remain a mystery to be discovered once you get inside. Only then the house unfolds and reveals its true identity.

Yucatan cantilevered house outdoor pool



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